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Our mission

To lead the industry in creating value for ourselves and our customers through
dedication on standards, quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Corporate culture & value

First Color believes that progress and development can be reached only through
the combined efforts and cooperation of each member of  our organization.
We dedicate ourselves to meeting our customers expectation and needs by
providing them the best value from our products and services.
We have the passion for excellence in conducting our business.

    ●  Drive to Excel
    ●  Positive attitude
    ●  Integrity and faithfulness
    ●  Responsibility on our work and cooperation


Management philosophy

Because of the low turnover, lots of experienced technicians and operators have
been working with us. In order for us to maintain the high and stable quality we have
been using our quality-oriented production system.

    ●  Specialized R&D
    ●  Employees happiness and contribution to social evolution

Our high and stable quality products are made by operators and technicians 
with broad experiences.

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