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2014 Seminar - 1st day

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First Color performed a seminar with our Asia & Middle East agents from June 16th to 19th of 2015.
The 2nd facility of First Color was built and was started to operate in 2014. In addition, the new pigment (First Yellow LF-06 which is lead free organic pigment has high properties same as In-organic pigment) was launched. We invited our valuable partners & agents for the ceremony.
We had a facility tour and presentation for First Yellow LF-06. For the rest of schedule, we had a tour in Seoul in order to make our friend-ship strong!

<1st Day>
1. Introduction of First Color & new product (First Yellow LF-06).
2. The agents exchanged market information.
3. 2nd facility tour which is located in Chungju.
5. Tour of Korean-folk Village.

semina 2014-a1.jpg

The 2nd facility of First Color and introducing new pigment: First Yellow LF-06


semina 2014-a11.jpg

The 2nd facility of First Color and introducing new pigment: First Yellow LF-06 2


semina 2014-a2.jpg

Present for completion of facility construction.


semina 2014-a3.jpg

In front of office building.


semina 2014-a3-2.jpg

Facility tour.


semina 2014-a4.jpg

In Korean-folk Village 1


semina 2014-a41.jpg


In Korean-folk Village 2

The 1st day of Seminar


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