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Pigments for Plastic application

For plastic application we are producing organic and inorganic pigments with excellent properties.
A wide range of
  ordinary and tailored products to suit the unique properties are available. 

= Major use
= Other potential use

1. Organic pigments

C.I. Pigment

Product Name






Yellow 13
First Yellow 130


Reddish Yellow with Good color Strenth and Fastness
First Yellow SPG-2RN







Greenish Yellow Transparent type
Yellow 14 First Yellow 141







Greenish Yellow and Good Color Strenth
First Yellow 1401






Yellow 17
First Yellow 173GFF-CONC




More Transparent and
Good Color Strenth
Yellow 83 First Yellow HR831





Transparent Type
First Yellow HR835




More Transparent Type Reddish Shade
First Yellow HR



More Transparent Type
Red 146 First Red 1460

Opaque Grade
First Red 1461



Transparent Grade
Reddish Shade
Red 170 First Red 1700



Yellow Shade
Red 48:1 First Red 4810




Yellow Shade and
Nonbleeding Grade
First Red 4812






Reddish Shade
Red 48:2 First Red 4822







Red 48:3 First Red 4830




Yellow Shade
Red 52:2 First Bordeaux P'CONC








Red 53:1 First Red C-200







Good Dispersion in PVC
Red 53:3 First Red SR





Good dispersion, Yellow Shade and Barium Free

Red 57:1 Carmine 6B-A100








Bight Shade for Plastic
Blue 15:3 First Blue 1530

Green 7 First Green G-EX

Yellow Shade
2. Inorganic pigments

C.I. Pigment

Product Name






Yellow 34
First Yellow 505G






Good Fastness
First Yellow 707G




Medium Chrome Yellow and Good Fastness
Royal Yellow L-3825



Royal Yellow L-3827


Royal Yellow 1000


Encapsulated Thermo Grade
Royal Yellow 3000




Encapsulated Traffic Thermo Grade
Royal Yellow 4000


Encapsulated Traffic Thermo Grade
Royal Yellow 5000


Encapsulated Thermo Grade
Red 104 First Red 700





Molybdate Orange Standard Color
First Red 2222ST


First Red 2222ST-EXL

Good Color Strenth
Royal Red 7000


Encapsulated Thermo Orange
Royal Red 8000


More Strong Color Strength
Royal Red R-4825

Good Fastness



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