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Pigments for ink application

In order to meet demanding needs for various type of inks, we have been developing a wide range of pigments.
A wide range of  products optimal for gravure, water based, coloring offset, inkjet and newspaper inks are available.

= Major use
= Other potential use

C.I. Pigment

Product Name






Yellow 12

First Yellow 121








Standard Yellow and
Transparent type
First Yellow 123







Reddish type
First Yellow 124









Bright Greenish
First Yellow 129






Yellow 13
First Yellow 130


Reddish Yellow with Good color Strenth and Fastness
First Yellow HMX-300





Transparent Type for Process Printing inks
Yellow 14
First Yellow 141







Greenish Yellow and
Transparent type
First Yellow 1400G






First Yellow 1415G






First Yellow 143







Bright Yellow
First Yellow GNP-2277









Good flow
First Yellow GNP-2278









Slightly opaque
First Yellow GNP-2279









Yellow 17
First Yellow 171






Greenish Yellow
First Yellow 173GFF-CONC




More Transparent and
Good Color Strenth
Yellow 74 First Yellow PGX-01






Bright Shade and
Good Fastness
First Yellow PGX-02






Slight Reddish Shade
First Yellow PGX-05






Reddish Shade
Yellow 83 First Yellow HR831





Transparent Type
First Yellow HR830R




Good Flow
First Yellow HR


More Transparent Type
First Yellow HR8350R




Red 146 First Red 1460

Opaque Grade
First Red 1461



Transparent Grade
Reddish Shade
Red 170 First Red 1700



Yellow Shade
Red 48:1 First Red 4810




Yellow Shade and
Nonbleeding Grade
First Red 4812






Reddish Shade
First Red 4815







Red 48:2 First Red 4820





First Red 4828






Transparent type
Red 48:3 First Red 4830




Yellow Shade
First Red 4831





Transparent Type
Red 53:1

First Red C'CONC


Rosin Coating Type and Yellow Shade

First Red C-530









Sovent and Flexo Inks
First Red C-530WTS







Water based flex
First Red 5301G








Red 57:1 Carmine 6B-579







Yellow shade
Carmine 6B-6727









Carmine 6B-EWS








Yellow Shade for
Aqueous Ink
Carmine 6B-EMS









Carmine 6B-4BGTX









Carmine 6B-4BS












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